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Rock Star Spanked - from Straight Lads Spanked George is a young man with a lot of attitude! He is in a band and gets a lot of attention from the fans and this seems to have given him a lot arrogance. Rock Star Spanked (Part 2) The remaining set of images from Rock Star Spanked by Straight Lads Spanked The young rocker's boxer shorts, his last layer of protection and dignity come down revealing George's, already pink, bare bottom.

Jul 01,  · Welcome to my Blog featuring my favorite boner-causing photos of men and young men showing off their round asses and hard cocks and how they use them. This is definitely not a vanilla gay site, though; I love kinky action - particularly spanking - so you will see lots of those photos as Jake. No long introductory dialogue or storyline, just the spanking from the start between a couple who make for wonderful viewing. In Scene One: Kali is spanked over Johnny's knee, her bottom is already glowing as we join them mid flow, no warm ups, no talking, just good old fashioned hard,hand spanking. For lovers of OTK this is a must see.

Nov 23,  · To celebrate the holiday season, and also to remember how awesome this past summer was, here's a new remix of Justice's "D.A.N.C.E." (like we need another one) done up by Benny Blanco featuring Mos Def and Spank Rock. It's a song that will match the frenetic pace of this entire weekend. [Myspace] Justice [mp3] "D.A.N.C.E." (f/ Mos Def & Spank Rock). Feb 06,  · from Big Dada's Sampler. This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.