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VMS Eve (Tail number: NMS) and so far only, White Knight Two, built by Scaled Composites for Virgin Galactic. The "VMS" prefix stands for "Virgin Mothership". Public launch. VMS Eve's nose art. The aircraft was named after Evette Branson, the mother of Richard Branson, Chairman of the Virgin Group. The jet plane has nose art Manufacturer: Scaled Composites. Virgin Galactic is a spaceflight company within the Virgin gakulkarni.info is developing commercial spacecraft and aims to provide suborbital spaceflights to space tourists and suborbital launches for space science missions. Virgin Galactic plans to provide orbital human spaceflights as well. SpaceShipTwo, Virgin Galactic's suborbital spacecraft, is air launched from beneath a carrier airplane known Headquarters: Mojave, California.

Virgin Galactic recognizes that the answers to many of the challenges we face in sustaining life on our beautiful planet, lie in making better use of space. We took VMS Eve out for a ride today! It headed to the skies over Mojave Air and Spaceport today to complete flights number and This aircraft is a custom-built, four-engine, dual fuselage jet aircraft, designed to carry our spaceship VSS Unity up to an altitude of 50,ft.

Virgin Galactic's second SpaceShipTwo, the VSS Unity, takes its first flight with its carrier plane Eve as they soar over Mojave, California on Sept. 8, Author: Tariq Malik. Aug 04,  · Early this morning, Virgin Galactic completed two successful flights of its VSS Unity and VMS Eve crafts, a process that kicked off around 9AM in Author: Brittany A. Roston.