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9 Types of female genital piercing. Piercing done through the clitoris is Clitoris gakulkarni.info piercing sits on the top of your vagina, just below the hood of your labia. The usual understanding of clitoris piercing is far from the actual piercing. Most of the women actually want a clitoral hood piercing when they ask for clitoris piercing. There are a few options regarding the type of jewelry you can wear in this piercing (curved barbell, straight barbell, circular barbell or ring) but not every style will necessarily be comfortable. We will go over all of your options when you come in.

Labia Piercings – There are 2 types of labia piercings: inner labia piercings and outer labia piercings. An outer labia piercing goes through one of the outer vaginal lips, and an inner labia piercing goes through one of the inner lips. The clitoral hood piercing is a very popular Vulva genital piercing and can be done vertically (VCH) or horizontally (HCH). Contrary to popular myth, the piercing only goes through the protective skin located above the clitoris and not actually through it.

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Female Genital Piercing The Christina piercing, also known as the Venus piercing, is classed as a surface piercing and is probably the most visually striking type of female genital piercing. This piercing is placed at the top of the vagina where the labia majora meet, below the pubic mound. Are there different types of vaginal piercing? The vagina can be pierced in one of these areas: Clitoris/clitoris hood. This is the most popular type of vaginal piercing.

Genital piercing is a form of body piercing that involves piercing a part of the genitalia, thus creating a suitable place for wearing different types of jewellery. Nevertheless, the term may also be used pars pro toto to indicate all body piercings in the area of anus, perineum, genitals and mons pubis, including piercings such as anal, guiche, and pubic that do not involve perforation of genitalia.