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List of the Advantages of Sexual Reproduction 1. It creates genetic diversity within a species. 2. There is a natural level of disease resistance throughout the species. 3. Genetic variation can lead to evolutionary advancements. 4. It is a rewarding experience. 5. It can encourage the growth of. Apr 12,  · The Top 2 Disadvantages of Sexual Reproduction. 1. Sexual reproduction requires two parents. The parents must expend energy in order to find; court or identify, and copulate with their mate. If conditions are stable, the genetic recombination may be counter-reproductive. Also, sexual reproduction is less efficient at passing in genes.

Jan 14,  · Here are the advantages and disadvantages of sexual reproduction: List of Advantages of Sexual Reproduction. 1. It creates a preserved and expanding effect. This method of reproduction will help preserve an existing genetic code of an allele to make sure that a certain species does not mutate, which is essential to its Crystal Ayres. May 21,  · Advantages of Sexual Reproduction. Preserved Effect This is to preserve the genetic code of an existing allele in order for a certain specie to not to mutate and maintains its genetic code. Brings Pleasure and Enjoyment for any Species This advantage is mostly applicable for human beings.