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Apr 05,  · If you have time for planning, these icebreaker games are some the teens enjoy most. Ice Cube Hunt. An icebreaker game for teens to play outside on a rather cool day, variations contribute to the ability to customize this game depending on the size and composition of your group. Ice breaker games for teens. A great way to get to know one another. Perfect for parties, get togethers, and youth groups. Make party icebreakers quick and easy, as teens have short attention spans.

Teens are often self-conscious and hesitate to participate in activities. A funny icebreaker game involves teens in a non-threatening way and gets them ready to participate in other, more serious activities. Our funny icebreakers for teens act as warm-ups and, although they can be messy, guarantee involvement of even the shiest participants. A fun guessing game, great way for people to get to know one another. – Where the Wind Blows – Great icebreaker group game- find out what people have never done before. – Zoom In Game – Guess what the item is, zoomed in – Great Powerpoint game for medium and large groups!

The trick to this game however, is that they cannot say their clues out loud - they have to act them out. For instance, if their chosen place is Hawaii, they could do a hula dance. The person at the end of the game, who has guessed the most destinations, wins! Fruit Salad Love. 40 Icebreakers for Small Groups 2 Why icebreakers? Icebreakers can play an important role in helping young people integrate and connect with one another in a group environment. Icebreakers can also enhance your teaching by helping to stimulate cooperation and participation. They can provide positive momentum for small group study and discussion by.