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teen crimes hispanics whites - Murder Rates by Race (Black, White, Hispanic, Asian Crime in US and UK)

Jun 22,  · The study, based in part on data obtained from the Los Angeles Police Department for the years to on interracial “face to face” crimes, found that whites Author: TCR Staff. Jul 19,  · Hispanics in the U.S. are more violent than non-Hispanic whites. Here are some of its conclusions. Forty-one percent of violent felons were black, non-Hispanic, 30% were Hispanic, and 26% were white, non-Hispanic. Blacks (46%) comprised a higher percentage of murderers than Hispanics (27%) or whites (23%).

Latino Youth and the Juvenile Court System. CJJ Position Statement on Latino Youth: • All children deserve to be treated fairly, regardless of race or ethnicity. • Policy makers, police officials, officers of the court and correctional providers must work together to remove racial inequities from the . America's gun violence epidemic has a destructive impact on Hispanic communities. New research shows the murder rate for Hispanics is more than double the murder rate for whites, and more than two-thirds of Hispanic murder victims are killed with guns. These eye-opening statistics can be found in a Author: Josh Sugarmann.

Whites and hispanics are considerably more likely to kill members of their own race than to kill members of opposing races, suggesting that warnings of impending race wars are as unfounded as we all hoped. In , just 12 percent of the total number of homicides in the US were the result of black-on-white or white-on-black murder.