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19 rows · List of Aqua Teen Hunger Force episodes. An early version of the pilot episode originally aired months prior to the launch of Adult Swim on Cartoon Network unannounced on December 30, It later made its debut on Adult Swim on September 9, and ended on August 30, , with a total of episodes, over the course of eleven seasons. This very special episode of Aqua Teen is brought to you by Abraham Lincoln's Lunch Links. Now available in Tough n' Tenacious Teriyaki!

Episodes Aqua Teen Hunger Force. When the Aqua Teens go to Panama City for a vacation, Meatwad leaves Carl to babysit Dewey, Vanessa, and Boxy Brown. At . Aqua Teen Hunger Force is an American animated television series on Cartoon Network’s late night programming block, Adult Swim. The series made its official debut on September 9, on Adult swim; after the pilot episode was aired as a special sneak peek on Cartoon Network on December 30,

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Episode 05 Balloonenstein by Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Play next; Play now; Aqua Teen Hunger Force Lost Episode: "The Funeral" (Reboot) by The Shadow Reader. Two pilots were announced and will air later this year: Korgoth of Barbaria and That Crook’d ‘Sip. New seasons of current series Robot Chicken; Family Guy; Tom Goes to the Mayor; Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law; The Venture Bros.; Aqua Teen Hunger Force; 12oz. Mouse and Squidbillies will also air throughout the year.