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Mar 13,  · Change Event Sounds and Sound Scheme in Windows You can have Windows play a sound when certain events occur on your PC. (An event can be an action that you perform, such as empting the Recycle Bin, or an action that Windows performs, such as notifying you when you receive new e‑mail.) Windows comes with several sound schemes. Sound Event Wav Files. Open Program Wavs Sound files suitable for use with the " Open Program " sound event. Close Program Wavs Sound files suitable for use with the " Close Program " sound event. Maximize/Minimize Wavs Sound files suitable for use with the " Maximize/Minimize " sound events. Menu Event Wavs Sound files suitable.

Microsoft Windows® 8 is shipped without the "Start" menu. Stardock heard the cries from Windows 8 users. We put the "Start" menu back in Windows 8. We accurately recreated the most used desktop feature billions of users depend on every day and packed it with additional functionality. Sep 29,  · In the arrived window, select one sound for the selected event and click on the Open button. To pick the sound that is already there in the Windows, make a click on the Sounds list. Among the got options, choose any one. A Test button along with a play sign is seen at the bottom of the window.

Jul 08,  · Windows 7x64 - Event sounds - Alternate WAV no sound, MS WAV work fine. Windows Media Player successfully plays the sound. If I select the sound from the drop-down list and press the "Test" button, there is no sound. If I select a sound provide by MS, and press "Test" the sound plays fine. Based on the Windows Media Player test. - "Q" appear/disappear sound - 79k - Ship swishing by - 28k - Turbolift sound - 66k Star Wars - Lightsaber starting up - k - Droid Scanning sound - k - Blaster Fire #1 - 53k - Blaster Fire #2 - 28k Variety - Airlock Doors - 85k - Alarm. At this site, you'll find thousands of free sounds in WAV and SF2 (SoundFont) format that you can use in your own music and beat-making productions. Content includes hip hop samples, as well as drum sounds, guitar sounds, orchestra sounds, loops and more.