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I'm not googling any of this stuff, but if you've seen the movie The 40 Year Old Virgin you know what I'm referring to. The woman with the blond hair that was almost a crew-cut, the boss at the tech store, tells Steve Carrell's character about a gardener named Javier who took her virginity. She sings a song that Javier sang to her. Jun 11,  · Best Answer: Well, it is a little weird, I guess a joke as the words are not romantic at all. In Spanish is: "cuando llego a mi cuarto, no encuentro nada, donde va con tanta prisa, al partido de futbol". In English is: "when I arrive to my room, I do not find anyone, where are you going in a rush, to the soccer match".Followers: 2.

gakulkarni.info Digging the Scene with a Gangster Lean Un Partido de Futbol. I noticed that I was getting a ton of traffic from people searching for the translated lyrics of the Guatemalan love song so exquisitely sung by Jane Lynch in the 40 Year Old Virgin. Lynch garbles the first line a bit, and takes some liberties with Spanish. Mar 21,  · Dear Miss That is what friends are for by Elton John Stevie Wonder and Dionne Warrick this is a great song Some where out there theme from American tail Can you feel the love tonight Elton John The Circle of life both of the loin king CD for laughs I would say the song dancing on the ceiling by Lionel Richie billy ocean get out of my dreams get into my car George Micheal Careless Whisper Status: Open.

GUATEMALAN LOVE SONG In the movie The Year-Old Virgin, Jane Lynch's character Paula tells Andy (Steve Carell) that her former Guatemalan gardner / lover Javier once serenaded her with a "beautiful old Guatemalan love song" which went like this: Donde va con tanta prisa? Al partido de futbol. For those of wondering about the English Author: Jonathan Bourne.