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Sex drive refers to libido, a person's drive for sexual activity.. Sex Drive may also refer to. Sex Drive, a comedy "Sex Drive" (Grace Jones song), a song by Grace Jones "Sex Drive" (Dead or Alive song), "Sex Drive", a single by The Embarrassment "Sex Drive", a song by The Rolling Stones from Flashpoint. "Sex Drive" is a song by British band Dead or Alive from their album Nukleopatra. The single was a minor hit in Australia, where it peaked at number 52 in March Genre: Synthpop.

Background "Sex Drive" is a cover version of the Sheep on Drugs song "Track X". It was written by band members themselves and produced for Grace by Mark Pistel and Philip was released on 23 September by Island Records with a cover of the Consolidated song "Typical Male" as the B-side. The single met with considerable success, topping the US dance House, techno.