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Jan 08,  · Q: Why do narcissists hold sex and affection from you A: Narcissists withhold sex and affection as a means of controlling you. If you said or did something they didn’t approve of, they withhold sex and/or affection as a means of punishing you. Sep 01,  · I've read that withholding sex and affection is one of the traits of a narcissist and I'm very curious as to why you do it is it intentional and used to control, keep your partner off-balance, or because you've lost interest or is it done subconsciously? My exN boyfriend used to withhold sex and.

Feb 20,  · In fact some victims have been given as a gift something the narcissist knew she didn't want. Sometimes he punishes by withholding what he knows his partner wants most, affection, attention, companionship, children, sex, money, his presence, whatever will cause her the most distress. The narcissist is an exhibitionist and will want sex in public and/or dress inappropriately (tight clothes without a bra or jock strap) and says it was an accident; The narcissist will send pictures of their p***s or breasts wanting to know how they rate. They will insist their partner send pictures for them to rate. Sex And The Narcissist.

Jan 26,  · While it’s true that both people don’t “owe” sex or affection to each other, it’s possible to use it as a form of punishment or control. Narcissists are aware when they give you the cold shoulder for reasons of their own. It has everything to do w. Nov 02,  · Click here to understand why withholding is a powerful tool in the Narcissist's game. Freedom From Narcissistic and Emotional Abuse: Blog My Story Further Reading Books Narcissists And Withholding. 11/2/ 35 Comments Withholding is a powerful tool in the Narcissist’s game. Not sure if he was withholding sex and affection or if he was.