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May 08,  · BEST SCENE GTAV TREVOR AND SEXY GIRL WTF #2 Dkgrandtheftauto GtaV. Grand Theft Auto 5 "How To Have Sex With A Hooker For Free" (GTA V Gameplay) - GTA CASH GIVEAWAY!! () -Vanessa Frisks. Hot Coffee is a normally inaccessible mini-game in the video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, developed by Rockstar awareness of the existence of the mini-game arrived with the release of the Hot Coffee mod, created for the Microsoft Windows port of GTA: San Andreas in This mod enables access to the mini-game. The mini-game portrays animated sexual intercourse Developer(s): Rockstar North.

Jul 09,  · This is not limited to San Andreas: the entire series has come under fire for its content, mostly the last two games, Grand Theft Auto 3 and Grand Theft . Rockstar have a long and illustrious history of adding dirty little secrets into their games, and they seem to have whole-heartedly embraced the freer limitations of such an adult franchise as Author: Simon Gallagher.

Avoid booty calls and picking up prostitutes. No nudity, but you can see or hear the sex. There's also a random event where a drunk couple has sex in the back of your car. It's not that bad, just go to bumper cam when it happens lol. *Spoiler* There's a sex scene when you first get to control Trevor, not including prologue of course.