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And if you are the spouse of a sex addict, I know you will hear me and understand that you might have some work to do as well. Perhaps there is a little guilt and shame running in your backstory? Or perhaps you feel guilty over an earlier affair you had? There will definitely be some work around boundary setting and assertiveness. Sexual Addiction is a confusing and frustrating battle, but it can be won. The articles in this section will guide you to understanding the dynamics of sexual addiction and point you towards the path of recovery.

Many of us who marry sex addicts often have sexual abuse and dysfunctional families in our histories. If I had not been faced with the decision to work on myself, I could have ditched the addict, run off and found someone just as messed up or worse because my man-picker was off. Jun 10,  · Some signs that your cheater may be a sex addict. Although sex addicts have a long standing pattern of using sex as a way to cope with feelings and with life generally, Author: Linda Hatch, Phd.

The first phrase that comes to my mind when I hear these stories is “affair addiction.” Linda even said the same thing the other night while discussing a person’s situation. Whether their affair addiction is due to the other person, the feelings that they experienced, sex, love or whatever, they are having a .