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Pisces and Cancer: Pisces Woman and Cancer Man Here is another dating match in heaven! The Pisces woman and Cancer man have an immediate instinctive soul link that is even more powerful than their fabulous sexual link. While the Pisces woman is dating a Cancer man the first thing she'll notice is his moods. He is one sensitive soul. Is Cancer woman Pisces man compatible mentally, emotionally and sexually? The relationship between the Cancer woman and Pisces man is a natural one, as both are water signs. The female crab and the male fish are automatically attracted to each other, as he offers her stability and she supports his Author: Donna Roberts.

Feb 26,  · There are no major differences in the personalities of the Pisces man and his Cancer woman. The Cancer woman will expect her man to care for her and need constant reassurances. He, in turn, will treat her like the most special person in the world and shower her with all the love and Madhura Pandit. A Cancer woman and a Pisces Man are sexually in sync. Everything about a Cancer woman's sexuality is to a Pisces man's liking. Pisces Men and Scorpio Women. A Scorpio woman and a Pisces man are equally fascinated by the emotional dimension of sex. Their shared sexuality is all about feelings and emotional Patricia Lantz

Dec 09,  · Matches between the Cancer woman and Pisces man. If there were ever going to be star-crossed lovers in the zodiac, the Cancer woman and Pisces man could well qualify as the most heart-rending of the bunch. There’s a touch of destiny that seems to bind these people, bringing them together even cross the most unbelievable distances or. Jul 24,  · Woman Pisces and Man Cancer: This is another divine love affair and lovemaking. A Cancer man and a Pisces woman feel the instantaneous, intuitive blend of their souls that is even more powerful than their phenomenal sexual bond. The first thing Pisces will see with their partner Cancer is his mood. He is one very sensitive soul.

The Pisces man is a very sophisticated man who well understands the fragile nature of his Cancer woman. He provides her with tenderness and gentle words to sooth away all her worries and gives her care and concern that helps her to blossom in a relationship. Cancer and Pisces are almost always brought together by a romantic love. Their sexual connection is usually primarily emotional. Pisces partner might seem a bit weird and kinky to Cancer, but they should have a feel for each other, strong enough for both of them to enrich their sexual .

Pisces are sensitive, theatrical and sensual. Aries sees fun and fantasy in Pisces. There is chemistry and sexual attraction that may initially start out as friends, but could progress to romance over time as long as both are single. These two will entertain and share a powerful effect on the public together.