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Jul 15,  · How to Use a Cock Ring. Choose a comfortable cock ring size. Make sure that your ring is tight and snug, but not uncomfortable to use for an extended period. For first timers, opt for a penis ring multi-sized set or adjustable band. These will let you experiment with a variety of sizes to help you find a level that is comfortable and effective. Apr 20,  · Cock Ring Use. Lube it up! - Men should always use a cock ring with lube, putting the lube on the inside of the cock ring. A water-based lube that is Author: Sean Jameson.

Aug 29,  · Using a cock ring can be beneficial for both you and your partner for lots of reasons. For starters, cock rings help make your erection harder, and last longer. And even if those two things aren't Author: Danielle N Page. Once you’re done using your cock ring, remember a good ol’ fashioned clean up makes everyone happy – especially your cock ring. Take the batteries out of it if the cock ring has a vibrator, and make sure that it is stowed away for the next time.

How to Put On and Use a Cock Ring or Penis Ring. Cock rings, or penis rings, are some of the simplest sex aids around.. So, what do cock rings do? Well, they prevent blood from flowing back down the penis, which in turn can help to make erections feel harder and last longer than usual, potentially making your enjoyment last longer and an orgasm more likely. If you and your partner are experimenting with using a cock ring on a dildo, this is a non-issue. Otherwise, don’t try to pop a cock ring on an erect penis. Even with lube, that might be too Author: Gigi Engle.