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Forced Nudity Story Archive For Adults Only! Stories by Aldric this site is hosted by ASSTR a free, user supported adult web site that is home to over authors of erotic literature, host of the gakulkarni.infoted newsgroup,, mirror site for, and host of several popular erotic literature archives. Dec 26,  · I have had a good amount of these incidents, but one in particular comes to mind. I was around 18 or so. A female friend of mine, Heather, was having a birthday party. Her 18th. It was at her parent’s house. I didn’t expect to swim, so I didn’t ha.

Gay male erotica stories about relationships among kids. Jul 17,  · Yes, I know what you're thinking; an NSFW story from a Boy Scout camp? That guy must have taken one right up the ass. Well, I can say that I didn't take a dick in the poopper, but I did have a sexual experience with one of the female counselors.. Also, before I get to the story, this is not safe for work, so if you have a little sibling or a co-worker around, don't continue.