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The Landrace Pig average mature weight of the female (Sows) to pounds ( to kg) and the average weight of the male (Boars) is to pounds ( to kg). This pig breed appears with white skin with long bodies, long snouts, fine hair, . Average live body weight of the mature boars is between kg. And average live body weight of the mature sows usually vary from kg. Photo and info from Wikipedia. Special Notes. The Large White pig is a rugged and very active and hardy breed. It can withstand variations in climate and do well in other environmental factors.

The Middle White is a breed of domestic pig native to the United originated in Yorkshire roughly around the same time as the Large name comes from the fact that it was between the size of the Large White and the now-extinct Small White. It was fully recognized as a breed in The breed is known as a pork producer (rather than bacon or lard type pigs), and is best known Conservation status: Endangered. When the Duroc Pigs mature, they are mainly used for the delicious meat. The Duroc Pigs used to gain weight faster than any other breeds and the Duroc Pig can produce high-class pork that is sensibly lean. The Duroc Pig crossbred with other breeds to build up positive attributes.

Middle White Piglets. Photo: petealyward. Middle White Sow. Photo: Dave Hamster. We'll be keeping Middle Whites for the first time in , having fallen in love with them at the RWAS Smallholder Show! Championed by celebrity chef, Antony Worrall Thompson, the Middle White is a specialist pork pig producing small joints of high quality meat.