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May 17,  · Orthodontic Appliances to Prevent Thumb Sucking Hawley retainer thumb appliance. Some children will benefit from a simple habit retainer similar Thumb Crib. But if your child is a more serious thumb sucker, a fixed appliance may be needed. Bluegrass appliance. If your child doesn’t respond to. Thumb Sucking Appliances. The bluegrass appliance is used for older children in which a roller is fixed and the child can play with the roller with his tongue to distract himself whenever he has the urge to suck. The benefit with this appliance is that the child is offered an alternate behavior instead of just being restricted from sucking.

Thumb Sucking in children usually starts at the age of 6 months, at times before birth. Children have a natural tedency to suck. This habit may involve sucking of thumb, digits or pacifiers. Children develop this habit to suck whenever they are hungry, tired, restless, bored or sleepy. 90% children stop . Using a retainer (a removable plastic appliance that fits the roof of the mouth) will usually stop the habit. It changes the feeling of having the finger or thumb in the mouth, and the appliance itself seems to satisfy some of the urge to put a finger or thumb into the mouth.

a desire to stop their thumb sucking. Their usual suck-ing habits are at night or when they are tired or upset. The appliance has not been used in preschool age chil-dren at this time. To date this appliance has been used on 24 patients at the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry and all . The thumb sucking appliance alternative. There is another option, which is the thumb sucking appliance. The appliance should be a last resort, and is primarily used by parents who cannot make the time to work with their child or have a very difficult child.

The “palatal crib” appliance usually stops thumb sucking immediately. The crib will then be in place for an additional six months to confirm discontinuation of the habit. The crib is crafted and cemented behind the teeth, making it less visible. Attempts to steer a child away from thumb-sucking can backfire if they are not tempered with support and guidance. Don't nag or reprimand your child, and don't pull a child's finger out of his mouth. These kinds of actions can result in a power struggle, experts Scott H. Chandler, MD.