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Dunlop R White Plastic Thumbpicks, Left Handed, Medium, 12/Bag I am totally pleased with my new Dunlop thumb picks,they were a little tight on my thumb,but you can easily adjust them by putting them in hot water for a minute them slip them on your thumb till they cool back down so they stay the size you need. however i was a bit /5(20). Dec 12,  · Dunlop R White Plastic Thumbpicks, Left Handed, Large, 12/Bag As a lefty, my only option used to be purchasing right handed thumb picks and filing them to a lefty angle. No more! I did have to shape them a bit for comfort, length & angle refinement, but they work like a dream. Now I just need to find them in size XL/5(21).

On Dunlop LEFTY Thumb Pick Medium R White, One Pick. share facebook twitter LinkedIn. Was this review helpful? 0. 0. 11/10/ D. donald s. Verified Buyer. What is a Verified Buyer. A Verified Buyer is a user who has purchased the reviewed product through our store. 5 star rating. 04/26/Brand: Dunlop. Fred Kelly Left-Hand Thumbpicks from The Pick Shoppe The Pick Shoppe has a wide assortment of thumbpicks to satisfy the needs of most players of acoustic stringed instruments such as autoharp, banjo, bass, dobro, dulcimer, guitar and mandolin. For the Serious Musician.

Aug 17,  · Friggin righties at guitar gakulkarni.infoer service at an alltime low Go in to get some thumb picks and flat wound strings, only been buying them for 20 friggin years long enough to know that right handed thumb picks are shaped to fit your RIGHT THUMB, and don't fit on your left well at all thatz like wearing your right shoe on your left foot! Get the guaranteed lowest prices on Finger Picks & Thumb Picks instruments at Musician's Friend.

Founded in , Elderly Instruments started as a small store with a handful of instruments. Over 40 years later, we’ve grown into one of the world’s most respected sellers . Finger and thumb picks may be small in size, but they can make a big impact on the sound of your instrument. Perfect for a bluegrass style of music or softer acoustic tunes, these little accessories can really help you switch up your playing style and find exciting new sounds.

Tortoise shell thumb pick for guitar or banjo that produces the tone you are looking for but with using a special composite "legal" and animal friendly material. Now in left handed or right handed medium and large sizes. Bill Stokes makes the thumb picks for left handed banjo and guitar players. The speed pick is available in left-handed and large thumbhole models. The Speed picks are color coded in Yellow-light, Orange-medium, and White-heavy. The new left hand and the large thumbholes are not color coded. Showing all 2 results.