US NAVY Sailor got sucked into A-6 Intruder jet engine intake - man sucked into jet intake


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Feb 12,  · dude on USS Roosevelt gets sucked into jet and lives. Dec 17,  · Airline horror as airport worker is killed by being sucked into plane engine A MAN died after being sucked into a jet engine in a freak accident after a Author: Katie Mansfield.

But with the engines already at full throttle, he has made a grave mistake. He is sucked into the powerful jet engine but amazingly survives. Daniel P. Streckfuss, who was on board, describes how Bridget escaped death: What allowed him to survive was the design of the A-6 engine (the J). May 15,  · on February 20, , a young year-old John Bridget a US navy sailor got sucked into A-6 Intruder jet engine intake, he was checking the launch mechanism on a Grumman A Intruder on board the USS Eisenhower during the Gulf War. John was hooking A .

Yes. Human beings can get sucked into jet engines if they are close enough- this has happened multiple times in a number of aircraft ranging from A to A6E intruder.. However, it happens only in rare cases- usually in case of miscommunication or a mistake, when safety procedures are not following image shows the safety hazard area for aircraft engines. Bridges is sucked into the port intake of the Intruder at His flight deck “cranial” helmet, goggles, float coat, and other personal equipment are sucked off his body and ingested into the jet engine, resulting in the massive flame coming from the Bill Walton.