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The Greedy Bisexual Purity Test Check all boxes for which your answer is "yes". The "submit" button is at the bottom. Made out with someone of the same sex? The fact that gay men like men and lesbians like women, doesn't stop you from trying to date either of them? The Purity Test has historically served as a segue from O-week to true college life at Rice. It's a voluntary opportunity for O-week groups to bond, and for students to track the maturation of their experiences throughout college.. Caution: This is not a bucket list.

This is yet another adaptation of the infamous de facto standard question purity test and the newer 2questions tests. This site was created mainly as an exercise in web development and is not much different than other versions on the web, except that those other sites, for the most part, suck, or are collecting demographic information about you, or are doing some other thing. Are you questioning whether you might be gay? Feeling alone and uncertain? Being in limbo about your sexuality isn't exactly easy. It's your personal situation that dictates how easy (or not) coming out could be. In this section, there are many quizzes you can take to get a better idea of what your sexuality is.

It's pretty normal to wonder about your sexuality. Fortunately, we live in an age where it's more acceptable than ever to reach out for answers instead of just suffering in /5(). 12 of the Best Gay Films You Missed in By Armond White Gay filmmaking no longer has to “go mainstream” because, for the past few years, the best new movies have been gay movies.