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A coalition of Silicon Valley executives urged a 'No' vote on Proposition 8. Google officially opposed Proposition 8 "as an issue of equality", and its founders donated $, to the No on 8 campaign. Apple Inc. also opposed Proposition 8 as a "fundamental" civil rights issue, and donated $, to the No on 8 campaign. Sample of 18, voters consisted of 15, voters as they left the voting booths on Election Day November 4, and a telephone absentee/early voters survey of 2, respondents conducted October November 2, “Don’t know” and “other” responses not included.

Nov 04,  · I’m thrilled to have just returned from my polling place in NYC, where a win for Obama is virtually assured. The turnout there looked big, the line down the block. We vote the antique way, with. The United States presidential election in California took place on November 4, , in California as part of the United States presidential election. Voters chose 55 electors, the most out of any of the 50 states, to the Electoral College, who voted for president and vice president.

A) As homosexuality becomes more acceptable, gay conservatives who've been voting Republicans for a long time are feeling more comfortable self-identifying to a pollster. B) Gay liberals and moderates who voted in stayed home, while gay conservatives who did not vote in . May 25,  · The change from the last midterm elections in was not quite as large but an increase nevertheless. In , 24 percent supported Republicans. Democrats' share of the gay vote rose from 75 percent in to 80 percent in and then dropped to 68 percent in Each year, approximately 3 percent of voters identified as gay, lesbian or gakulkarni.info: Amanda Terkel.