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Download free I just called to say FUCK YOU ringtone or send it at no cost to your cell phone. Ring tone uploaded by gizmobrc/5(10). So, instead of trying to find happiness, maybe – just maybe – you could take a look around, and say Fuck You to the people, places and things that are making you miserable. Trying to find happiness is a futile effort. Embrace the Fuck You way, and happiness may very well find you. NOW, GO FORTH, BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE.

Sep 28,  · fuck you to every one that gets a text and doesn't respond to it, even if you want to tell me to go fuck myself just fucking tell me that, just fucking respond you fucking cunt. instead of me sitting here with my fucking phone in my hand waiting like some kind of fucking loser douche bag kid. i know your fucking phone is on your god damn fucking hip. you pulled the same horse shit last week. i. 15 Text Messages You Wish You Could Send. By Gaby Dunn, November 2nd Submit Cancel. 0; 1. To your former friend: “I really am sorry. I’m just too embarrassed to try and talk to you again, but I mean it. I think about you all the time but my pride won’t let me apologize.” 15 Text Message You Wish You Could Send.