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Jun 01,  · Get Buck Lyrics: Ready to pop, drop top, fuck cops / And I’m never gon' stop / Cough drop in my mouth, ‘cause I’m sick with the shit that I spit out the lip / Rip-n-dip with the click / The. Rammstein Bück dich lyric with English translation. everybody buck dich May 24, at pm. This song should be listened to by Sadist, and Masochist. I don’t think They are more encouraged to be it. Rather, it would be clear that the one whose desire they try to satisfy is distorted. Enjoying the minimal elements of the fantasy is.

Lyrics to "Get Buck" song by Pouya: Ready to pop drop top fuck cops And I'm never gon stop Cough drop in my mouth cause I'm sick with th. Jun 29,  · She the only one I fuck with Only girl I really keep it a buck with In the bed she freaky, but good in public My down bitch she the one I fell in love with They just jealous, ain't nothin' to do.

(bitch, what up though just fuck for a buck, do something strange for change, maybe holla for a dollar, just hop in the range) (fuck both yall niggas) See I was trying to be polite, stank ass trick (oh someone jacking off tonight) [Verse 5: Proof] Why you a bitch but don't choke I say the same to my momma I got Christina, Brittany with me, shit.