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Jul 31,  · If they're in heavy armor, they could be anywhere from 25k to 40k resistance depending on the sets. Medium and light armor wearers typically only have k spell resistance depending on buffs and set choice. Wards have 0 resistance, rendering spell penetration useless. Essentially spell pen is . Aug 16,  · I've recently been messing around with alot of my gear and I'm trying to determine exactly how much spell penetration I really need as a mage. I have suprisingly seen the range of spell penetration range on alot of the high rated mages from 80~ I know I .

Dec 23,  ·» Mage» PvP Spell pen and hit cap; Thread: 5% Spell Hit Spell Penetration, there is a cloak with I think on it + the 70 Enchant puts you way above the soft cap. Reply With Quote. , PM #7. Swizzle. View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message. Nov 21,  · Basic spell penetration/spell resistance is working properly. First test was: On untalented warrior I equiped frost resistance and on a mage I equiped 0 spell penetration and % hit cap. Result: The damage was resisting only partialy, tested on ~ frosbolts.

For this reason mages should be running with a Subtlety enchant rather than the spell penetration enchant that a lot of people seem to have. Increasing your spell hit up to the hit cap will increase your dps more than adding additional crit, haste or gakulkarni.info: Fuzzbip.