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Want to sell donate or buy breast milk? Classifieds listing for mom's to donating selling or buying their baby human breast milk. Jan 11,  · How to Buy Breast Milk. Breast milk is the best way to provide easily digestible nutrients for your baby. If you can't breastfeed your child, ask your pediatrician about the possibility of purchasing milk. They can recommend a donor bank %(4). is a Breast Milk For Sale Classifieds site where moms can donate, buy and sell breast milk online. Post an ad & help feed a baby! Sell or donate your extra breast milk to other moms in need. Show your support to breastfeeding moms! Mar 24,  · Buying, selling and trading breast milk is a booming online industry—and that's a dangerous thing, according to a new editorial in the BMJ. Experts are urging women to avoid this dangerous Mandy Oaklander.

Apr 28,  · Add this to the list of "things you can buy online": a stranger’s breast milk. Online milk exchanges — unregulated sites where breast milk is bought, sold, and donated — have taken off in Author: Lauren Zanoli. Oct 13,  · Yes, you most certainly can buy breast milk. Should you require someone else’s milk other than your own (or should you find yourself unable to breastfeed), you can get breast milk from a number of different resources.