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Jun 14,  · Valerie-don't hesitate to have the biopsy. My calcifications were positive in I had lumpectomy, 36 rads, Tamox and then in a recurrance in the same breast. Again calcifications turned out positive as well as small invasive tumor found. I have had . Dec 11,  · Breast calcifications, and identified by a mammogram and may indicate breast cancer. Getting a second opinion helps ensure you get the necessary Brian Wu, Ph.D.

Apr 17,  · There are breast cancers that grow faster, but they are usually unusual breast cancers like inflammatory breast cancer (and you don't have the symptoms for that.) At my first biopsy, for suspicious calcifications, I was laughing at the techs and doctors, because I thought it was silly they were suspecting that _I_ had breast cancer. They called me back for diagnostic views which showed calcifications in the right breast. I was told to come back for another mammogram in 6 months. I just had that mammogram done and they called me right away and said I needed to see a breast surgeon. He told me that the calcifications have increased in size and number and that I needed a biopsy.

Calcifications may be due to older age, past injury or an infection in the breast tissue. They are not due to the amount of calcium in a woman’s diet. For women treated for breast cancer in the past, calcifications may also be due to past breast surgery or radiation therapy. Types of calcifications There are 2 main types of calcifications. If you are told you have breast calcifications and need further tests, it is natural to feel worried. But it is important to remember most breast calcifications are not a sign of cancer. If the biopsy results show there is an early breast cancer, a surgeon or breast care nurse will explain more about this.