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How much does breast augmentation cost? The average cost of breast augmentation surgery is $3,, according to statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.. The average cost for removal of breast implants was $2, in Breast augmentation costs can widely vary. The average fee referenced above is only part of the total cost – it does not include the type of breast. Breast augmentation, sometimes referred to as a "breast aug" or "boob job" by patients, involves using breast implants or fat transfer to increase the size of your breasts. This procedure can also restore breast volume lost after weight reduction or pregnancy, achieve a more rounded breast shape or improve natural breast size asymmetry.

Typical costs: The average cost for breast augmentation in the United States ranges from $4, to $10,; This includes the cost of the implants, which ranges from $1, to $1, as well as a facility fee of $ to $1,, an anesthesia fee of $ to $ and the surgeon's fee that averages $4, for silicone-gel filled implants and $3, for saline implants. Nov 02,  · Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure used to improve the shape and size of breasts. It’s the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedure in the United States, and it’s growing in popularity—the number of breast augmentations jumped 4% .

Aug 15,  · Breast augmentation in Miami, Florida performed by top breast plastic surgeons, How much is breast implants? We are now offering saline breast implants for $2, Patients can achieve the results and look desired at an affordable price. Mar 25,  · Expert plastic surgeons and doctors explain what you should know about boob jobs, breast augmentation, breast reduction, cost, and more. Author: Brooke Shunatona.

Most women are still able to breastfeed after a breast augmentation, as long as the method of breast augmentation used does not interfere with the nipples or milk ducts. When a breast augmentation is combined with other procedures such as a breast lift then there is a higher potential for compromised nipple or duct function/5(). WebMD explains breast augmentation, including the pros and cons of saline and silicone implants, cost of surgery, potential problems and complications, and recovery Stephanie Watson.

Jun 08,  · The average surgeon's fees associated with breast augmentation are about $3,, not including anesthesia, surgical facility fees, breast implants, and other expenses.I personally offer all-inclusive packages that begin at $7,When considering cosmetic surgery, figures like this can be helpful in giving you an idea of what you might expect to pay, and help you begin thinking of how to Author: Stephen T. Greenberg, MD.