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Oct 28,  · HBO's hit series "Curb Your Enthusiasm" has pushed the comedic envelope for many years, but what happened in Sunday's episode was so disgraceful it's already received comment from the Catholic League's Bill gakulkarni.info set-up is the show's star and producer Larry David is taking some medication that is making him urinate quite gakulkarni.info's so powerful that while urinating. Curb Your Enthusiasm features numerous there is a small plot of Larry trying to obtain a bracelet to give to Cheryl and another small two-episode plot involving Larry and Cheryl trying to have a wire that runs through their backyard removed. Larry is puzzled by his father-in-law having bought a nail used in The Passion of the Christ.

Oct 30,  · Religious groups are denouncing a boundary-pushing new episode of HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm in which star Larry David inadvertently urinates on a picture of Jesus Christ, leading other. Oct 23,  · [Warning: This story contains spoilers from Sunday's episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, "Running With the Bulls."] Curb Your Enthusiasm continued to hang its fatwa over Larry David's Author: Jackie Strause.

Oct 29,  · Oct 29, ; AceShowbiz - Last Sunday on "Curb Your Enthusiasm", %cLarry David%'s new pill has increased his flow so much it is causing him .