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Nov 01,  · The differences I have noted is the Hustler comes with a 12 gallon fuel tank (vs. 6 gallon on the Exmark), a foot lever to raise the deck, arm rests, and a mulching kit thrown in. But from what I've read on this forum, the Kawasaki engine seems to get better reviews than the Honda. How would you guys compare the FastTrak against the CT? Nov 05,  · I知 in the market to purchase a zero turn. My option are from two dealer Hustler and Exmark (I love fab deck). Could anyone tell me which ztr is the best of the two? I知 looking at the raptor sd 48 or the exmark quest s series 50? My yard is less than a half of an acre and I知 living in South Carolina cutting my own lawn which had centipede grass.

Jan 27,  · Hello Paul, I just purchased a house that sits on about three acres of land in Wisconsin. I have a hustler/exmark dealer walking distance from the house but also have a friend who works at a dealer about 8 miles away that may be able to work a good deal for me on a Gravely or Scag. Both are reputable dealerships but the one 8 miles away will. Hustler Super Z 60" or Exmark Lazer 60" , PM. Im looking for another mower and have narrowed it down to these 2. I currently have an exmark and love the machine but they are very expensive. Ive been told the Hustler is very comparable to Exmark and was looking for some advice from all of you. The price difference is about

Aug 21,  · Hustler, Exmark, Lawn Care. Hustler, Exmark, Lawn Care Hustler and Exmark Zero Turns Family Lawn Care Services. SCAG Vs EXMARK Scag Turf Tiger 2 Vs Exmark Lazer Z . Nov 20,  · Reviews of Hustler, Scag, and John Deere Zero-Turn Mowers. Updated on August 5, Joseph Davis Scag liberty z 48” Kawasaki engine vs hustler raptor sd 48 Kawasaki engine which one should I buy I m trying to pick the right one the bes cut, warranty, deck, frame and more reallyble? If u have never owned a bobcat or exmark u are just Reviews:

Exmark’s top-of-the-line zero-turn riding mower is now available with the UltraCut Rear Discharge cutting system, for the ultimate combination of productivity, durability and quality of cut. Deck widths from 60" to 72" As low as $15, / $ mo USD. Lazer Z Diesel Rear Discharge Mowers. For residential home and acreage owners, however, the question of zero-turn vs lawn tractor is a trickier one. In order to decide if you are ready to invest in a commercial-quality mower, it is important to consider both long- and short-term benefits. Faster Mow Times.

Aug 05,  · Maneuverability and mowing close to objects is horrible on a tractor vs a good zero turn. Get yourself a Ferris with 72 inch cut. I like the smoother ride of my Ferris vs dads Exmark and my friends Dixie Chopper. I would say that dads Exmark seems to cut smoother but then again his yard is much smaller and level compared to mine.