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May 01,  · Service members reported 6, cases of sexual assault in compared to 6, last year, an annual report out Monday showed. Sexual Assault Reports in U.S. Military Reach Record High: . The Defense Department has released its annual report on sexual assault in the military, which shows an increase in reporting of assaults, but officials stress that more work needs to be done to.

Sexual Assaults Rise Nearly 50 Percent at Service Academies. The survey noted that, in the majority of cases of unwanted sexual contact, alcohol was involved. At the Naval Academy, for example. Apr 30,  · Reports of Sexual Assault in the Military Rise by 10 Percent, Pentagon Finds. The Marine Corps had almost a 15 percent increase in sexual assault reports in the last fiscal Thomas Gibbons-Neff.

Reports of Sexual Assault on the Rise at Military Academies in US That problem accounted for a total of 91 sexual-assault cases throughout the three academies. The Air Force Academy oversaw 49 reports of sexual assault, up from 25 during the previous school year. Sexual assault in the United States armed forces is an ongoing issue which has received extensive media coverage in the past several years. At least 32% of U.S. military women report having been sexually assaulted, and up to 80% have been sexually harassed.

Programs designed to curb the rise in sexual assault rates and scandals such as the one in Texas that has rocked the Air Force could actually Sexual Assault Cases Flood Military Courts. In. Jan 31,  · Sexual assault and harassment cases up significantly at military service academies despite prevention efforts, Pentagon survey finds Thirty-two Author: Luis Martinez.

Apr 03,  · STAND-TO! provides the official focus of the US Army. Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month. Provided by Headquarters, Deputy Chief of Staff, G-1 . Apr 30,  · More cases of military sexual assault are being reported, but fewer are being referred to courts-martial because commanders are increasingly relying on administrative action and discharges for Author: Jeff Schogol.