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Bottom-up project management is a new strategy by which some of the world's largest companies are democratizing their business goals. And yet, there are still beneficial elements in a top-down approach. Dec 30,  · Clarizen’s highly flexible project management solutions can help you find the right project management approach for your organization. Whether you prefer the bottom-up or top-down approach, be sure to avoid the top project management surprises that’ll blow your project budget.

With bottom-up estimating, the business will tally its costs upward to come up with a total for the finished project. The top-down approach starts with some kind of goal or deliverable and breaks it down into smaller cost components pr packages. It typically uses examples from the company's past. Bottom-up estimating is an extremely helpful technique in project management as it allows for the ability to get a more refined estimate of a particular component of work. In bottom-up estimating, each task is broken down into smaller components.

In the last article on project estimating, we went into detail about two of three popular methods for project estimating: completing a high-level feasibility analysis and top-down third approach we introduced was bottom-up of the three estimation methods, this way is the most time-consuming but is also the most accurate.