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Excessive Vaginal Wetness Natural & Herbal Solution. A daily vaginal fluid of one to two teaspoons which is clear and not smelly is normal. When you are sexually aroused vagina wetness should be sufficient for both of you to enjoy pleasurable sex. But excessive vaginal wetness during sex . Oct 03,  · Most of us think that sex is best when wet. The question is you feeling as much as you could be from intercourse? Too much natural lubrication, wetness, during sex reduces pleasure for both partners, females lose greater stimulation along the vaginal walls and .

Feb 28,  · Vaginal wetness varies from woman to woman and from one sexual encounter to the next. There are several possible reasons your lube level has increased. Feb 18,  · Home > partners in women > Excess Vaginal Wetness - All You Need To Know. Excess Vaginal Wetness - All You Need To Know. Posted on Saturday, February 18, by Womens Health Excess Vaginal Wetness - All You Need To Know: Excess Vaginal Wetness - Many ladies and their male partners have a In case your companion performs oral sex on you.

excessive vaginal wetness when aroused summit I am in my mid twenties and have had excessive vaginal wetness (aka large puddle on the bed, needing to take a break during intercourse to wipe off) when I become aroused as long as I can remember. (she was a shooter and would only have sex in the bathtub because there was so much). Vaginal Lubrication For Sex. During sexual intercourse, lubrication is an essential thing to ease discomfort and pain due to friction. It is the Bartholins gland that is located at the opening of the vagina that produces extra lubrication when a woman is aroused.

Dec 14,  · I have a free gift for you -- The Orgasmic Fantastic Sex Date. It’s an audio I recorded that sets the scene for more sensual sex that works especially well if you’re vulva is delicate. Click. May 10,  · Generally, vaginal dryness is caused by lowered levels of estrogen, the hormone responsible for making fluids flow through the vaginal canal. Here are some of the many causes and statistics: Around 17 percent of women, ages , consistently have a hard time enjoying sex due to a lack of natural vaginal Linda Miriam Aziz-Zadeh.

Apr 12,  · Vaginal dryness can be caused by hormonal changes, irritants to delicate tissues, anxiety, and more. Here's how to keep a lack of vaginal lubrication from causing painful Katherine Lee.