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Our offices are located in Bismarck and Fargo and we serve the surrounding counties in both North Dakota and Minnesota. Our focus and expertise is in working with teens, parents and young adults under 22 years of age. Most of the services are free and when there is . Young Adults I Want to Know What God is Calling Me to Do. Call the Vocation Office or check out the many different retreat opportunities to pray about your vocation. I Want to Help Teach Young People. Volunteer as a catechist at your local parish. Become a Young Disciple for the summer. Work as a counselor at a summer camp.

Human Resources Office provides information about employment opportunities with the Diocese of Fargo, its churches and other Catholic entities. It also oversees Safe Environment compliance and diocesan policies and procedures. Impact Young Adults (IYA) Impact Young Adults (IYA) is a group of young adults, ages , that are in recovery from mental illness. They have come together to change their experience from one of striving to one of thriving! Reach Out. This website is focused on providing tips and resources for youth to help them get through tough times or.

Each year, thousands of U.S. youth run away from home, are asked to leave their homes or become homeless. Through the Runaway and Homeless Youth Program (RHY), FYSB supports street outreach, emergency shelters and longer-term transitional living and maternity group home programs to serve and protect these young people. Read More About RHY. The Office of Youth and Young Adult Services. Runaway and Homeless Youth. Youth and young adults who are living on the streets or who do not have consistent, stable housing are highly vulnerable. Homelessness is not just a problem in cities; young people in suburban and rural communities also face homelessness. The Runaway and Homeless.

Re: Adult run away Hello, Thank you for taking the time to reach out for support from the National Runaway Switchboard. We imagine this is not an easy time for you right now. It sounds like a very stressful situation for you. It seems that you are not for the idea of allowing tradition to take hold of your desire to live life on your own terms.