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Apr 11,  · The Serious Health Concern All Somethings Should Know About. more and more young people are developing autoimmune diseases. is Author: Dr Bonnie Feldman. Conventional coronary artery disease also predominates in young adults, accounting for about 80% of heart attacks. About 60% of these young patients have disease of just one coronary artery, while older patients are more likely to have disease in two or three arteries.

Cardiac Disease in the Young; Cardiac Disease in the Young Aug 30, Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is an umbrella term used for all conditions that affect the heart and blood vessels. CVD is often perceived as a problem strictly for the older population. Adult Diseases and Conditions Rich information on 41 of the most common medical conditions. Each topic is anchored with in-depth information from Harvard’s Special Health Report on the subject.

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