Aspergers In Adults: Characteristics of Asperger Syndrome - symptoms of adult aspergers


symptoms of adult aspergers - Asperger's Symptoms in Adults, Diagnosis, Treatment, and More

Aug 26,  · I was just quoting what another page on aspergers said when it listed the symptoms of it. One was the lack of emotion. I live with a man with lots of emotions when it comes to what's affecting him. He just doesn't seem to connect when others are in need of emotional support. But then, nobody really knows the exact need of a person when they're. Dec 10,  · Asperger's symptoms in adults include symptoms of other autism spectrum disorders, such as limited eye contact, difficulty functioning in social situations, having a hard time reading and Author: Kimberly Holland.

Jun 23,  · There aren't any drugs approved by the FDA that specifically treat Asperger's or autism spectrum disorders. Some medications, though, can help with related symptoms . Dec 21,  · Just as children can struggle with AS so too Aspergers in adults also presents challenges and hurdles. There is no cure for Aspergers. Hence kids who are diagnosed as having asperger syndrome will carry many of the difficulties and symptoms into their adult life.

May 29,  · Aspergers is a condition that affects people's ability to communicate with others. Interestingly enough, Aspergers affects children and adults in very different ways. If you think you or one of the adults in your life is suffering from Aspergers, click here to learn about Aspergers in adults and its symptoms/5(). Jul 17,  · Asperger's disorder is a syndrome that typically appears first in childhood, and is primarily characterized by a person's difficulty in everyday social interactions with others. Learn more about Author: Steve Bressert, Ph.D.