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Jun 21,  · Pros + Cons of YA Literature {Guest Post} Sunday, June 21, Do you think the good outweighs the bad? Do you think we should try to create a new model of Young Adult literature that follows a better plot/moral scheme? Do you think YA is here to stay? There are definitely pros and cons to the genre, but I'm with Sunny in that the. More and more teachers around the world are using Young Adult (YA) literature in their classrooms to engage students and teach them the skills they need to be successful. Learn how new content in EBSCO's Literary Reference Center Plus can help. As many high school English teachers could tell you.

Feb 01,  · Young Adult Literature is always a debate in the literary world, as many question whether or not Young Adult novels are actually real literature. Slate writer Ruth Graham slams the genre in her article “Against YA,” and going onto state “adults should feel embarrassed about reading literature that was meant for children.”Author: Natalie Barletta. Jan 16,  · Young Adult literature is usually used to refer to fiction aimed at teenagers, that is, people from 12 to However, the label has grown to include what is called "Middle Grade Literature", aimed at older children from 9 to 12, and "New Adult Literature", aimed at young adults from 18 to These labels, though, are not stable boundaries. In order to see what category of Young Adult Author: Jane Bertin.

Dec 08,  · This blog is dedicated to discussing the use of Young Adult Literature in the classroom. Since being in college, my eyes have opened to the world of YA lit. My public education was based almost completely off the classics, and Young Adult literature played a minimal role. Nov 19,  · Best Answer: Young Adult fiction as you mentioned has its pros and cons. Pros: Most are set up similar to each other. (This can also be seen as a con though). There is romance but typically there isn't intense sex scenes you would find in adult books, nor Status: Open.

Apr 30,  · 10 Reasons You Should Be Reading Young Adult Literature Written By: Jamie Leigh | April 30, Features. 1. All the cool kids are doing it. Actually, all the cool people (and probably some uncool people) are doing it. In a post-Harry. Oct 23,  · I f there is anywhere that young adult literature should be read, it's schools. But more and more it seems that curriculums have to be followed, and books that could be relevant to teenagers (and Author: Helloitsheath.

The case for young adult literature. by Mina Shah — April 21, No Comments. For most of us here at Stanford, young adult literature is a thing of the past. Between classes, work, attempts to. Jun 13,  · You might've seen a recent piece published by Slate outlining exactly why readers should be a little more ashamed about their young adult book consumption. If not, here's the gist: novels written for a teenage audience that are intended to represent realistic relationships (think The Fault in Our Stars, not Divergent) do so in a limited and immature Maddie Crum.