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Training Volunteers. Teaching Adult Learners. Adults want learning experiences that are practical and relevant to their lives. They tend to be less interested in learning for the sake of learning. New information or ideas must be integrated into existing knowledge if it is to be retained and usable. Watch OVC videos to inform and assist your organization's efforts to help crime victims. Library & Multimedia OVC Videos. It also includes an interactive role play between a parish nurse and an adult daughter caring for her father intended to help professionals recognize .

Polyvictimization in Later Life is a 6-hour web-based training presented in five modules. The purpose of the training is to strengthen awareness of polyvictimization in later life and to provide knowledge and skills of professionals to address the needs of victims. W elcome to the Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) TTAC's download center for Sexual Assault Advocate/Counselor Training (SAACT), a course designed to teach advocates how to provide competent, effective crisis intervention services to victims and survivors of sexual assault. Use this download center to gather all the materials you'll need to conduct the training.