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Adult and Career Technical Education programs at Miami-Dade County Public Schools are designed to strengthen practical skills and prepare you for the career of your choice. Whatever your goals, our certified instructors can help you to reach your full potential. Explore your career options leading to high-wage, high-growth jobs. Search to find complete course information for adult education, technical training and basic skill traning. Choose to search our Certificate Programs for required courses or .

Why MDC for Adult Education? Comfortable College atmosphere; Convenient locations - program is offered at six campuses, several outreach centers, and online; Instruction includes a blend of traditional classroom instruction, small group work, and customized instruction in computer labs. Join adult & career technical continuing education programs in Miami-Dade County. We are focused on providing career oriented technical courses training.

The Adult Education Programs at Miami-Dade County Public Schools began in Throughout the years, we have prepared thousands of adults for entry-level positions in various industries. Our programs are designed to meet the needs of working adults, as well . The School of Continuing Education and Professional Development's (SCEPD) mission is to create high-quality workforce training, adult education programs, and personal enrichment courses that are accessible to the community. The School provides innovative educational experiences that .

Adult Basic Education. Residents of Miami-Dade County who reside within the library taxing district are eligible. Stops are scheduled at public parks, childcare facilities, condominium complexes, retirement communities, senior centers and recreational facilities. miami-dade county public schools school calendar adult/vocational education m.

Mar 09,  · Miami-Dade County is responsible for the training of Board of Rules and Appeals (BORA) certified personnel, and provides a continuing education effort each year. The educational effort consists of formalized classes that are designed solely for BORA-certified building officials, plans examiners and inspectors, and are presented in sessions that are conducted during at least three different.