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About CHYOA. CHYOA is an interactive adult fiction site. It offers a truly interactive story-telling environment where readers determine the outcome of the sex stories. CHYOA Guide This is all you need to know CHYOA Forum The Forum of Interactive Erotica Support CHYOA on . Adult Choose Your Own Adventure Books A list of Choose Your Own Adventure Style books that you probably wouldn't want your kids to read. Become the Woman of Your Dreams! 2 (Interactive Gender Transformation Feminization Erotica) (Aurora Sparks Interactive Erotica, #3) by.

Most of our sex stories use second-person point-of-view and present-tense to make you the main character, and the multiple-choice interactive stories allow you to guide the plot in the direction that most appeals to you (like a Choose Your Own Adventure book) so you choose the path to the climax! May 25,  · When you hear the words "Choose Your Own Adventure" and "Adult" you start thinking about interactive erotica. Don't try to deny it. Lucky for you, Author: Charlotte Ahlin.

Aug 11,  · Overall, many of the stories are undeveloped, and the options often lead to dead ends (or death, in many cases). This is why you, the clever Fleshbot reader, should express both your sexual fantasies and your literary prowess by contributing to the stories on this site. · Choose Your Own Adventure Adult Stories ( Your choices are used to tailor the erotic story to fit your own personal sexual urges! The characters can be customized, so you can put anyone into the story. We also have many non-interactive customizable sex stories for your enjoyment.