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Family type homes for adults are provided by people who have a desire to help others and have extra room in their homes. Each home is limited to a maximum of four residents unrelated to the provider. The homes are certified by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services through its Bureau of Adult . DeGiovine Family Type Home for Adults. 46 Titmus Drive Mastic, NY

() certifies over Family Type Homes for Adults, with a capacity for 1, residents. In New York, a Family Type Home for Adults is defined in law (NYCRR, Title 18, Chapter II, Subchapter D, Part ) as a type of adult residential care facility, certified by OCFS, and offering an important way to provide care for disabled or. The Homesteads are family-type homes for adults in Apalachin, NY. We provide assisted living alternative homes for adults who need aid in their daily activities and who should not be left alone. We provide the needed supervision and gentle kindness that a person would hope to find for their loved ones.

Residents may be unable to maintain a home because of advanced age or physical or developmental disabilities, who do not yet need the skilled medical and nursing services provided in nursing homes. To find out more about family-type homes for adults in Westchester County, contact Maribel Vasquez by phone at () or by e-mail at. Naomi Family Type Home for Adults. Allwyn St Baldwin NY Naomi Family type Home For Adults is located in Baldwin Harbor. The street is in a warm and safe residential setting in Nassau County gakulkarni.infoon: Allwyn St, Baldwin, , NY.

Feb 08,  · Family Type Homes for Adults. Family Type Homes for Adults (FTHA) are privately owned and operated homes where the owners of the home invite others to live with them. The new family members are usually in need of some sort of help, or do not want to live alone, even though they are able. The homes are licensed and inspected by New York State. Family-Type Homes for Adults (FTHA) is a part of the Division of Voluntary Proprietary Homes for Adults (DVPHA). FTHA provides state-licensed homes to persons with disabilities who are homeless or in need of a home where care and supervision are provided. These homes are New York State .

Apr 19,  · New York State Department of Social Services Family Type Homes for Adults provide: *Room and board, laundry, transportation and some assistance with personal care *Providers accept SSI and private arrangements *Case management services are provided as needed by Clinton County Department of Social Services. Family Type Home (FTH) For Adults; Local District Contact Numbers; County Fth Contact Address Phone Fax; Albany: Anne Boudreau: Washington Ave Albany, NY Allegany: James Mulligan: Court Street Belmont, NY Broome: Dan Soltis: Main Street Binghamton,NY .