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Adaptation & Assimilation. Over a period of 60 years the psychologist Jean Piaget developed a wide-reaching theory of child development. Piaget was interested in how knowledge developed in human organisms, and he called his theoretical framework "genetic epistemology." Piaget's theory . Jul 24,  · Assimilation is a general term in phonetics for the process by which a speech sound becomes similar or identical to a neighboring sound. In the opposite process, dissimilation, sounds become less similar to one gakulkarni.info term "assimilation" comes from the Latin meaning, "make similar to." Examples and Observations.

Linguistic assimilation - This type of assimilation often occurs when two neighboring groups of people or territories influence one anothers' way of speaking. For example, in the North East of America, there is a very distinctive, almost nasal, accent. Jul 14,  · Assimilation is totally changing ones way of life to fit somebody else's way of life. For example, a buddist Asian who can't speak English, comes to the US and changes his or her religion to Catholic, takes English classes to speak English and never speaks their native language again, or having anything to do with their former gakulkarni.infoers: 2.

Assimilation and accommodation are complementary learning processes that play a role at each stage of cognitive development. During the sensorimotor stage, for example, young infants interact with the work through their sensory and motor experiences. Some information is assimilated, while some experiences must be accommodated. Therefore, the key difference between assimilation and accommodation is that, in assimilation, there is no need to change an already existing idea in order to accept a new concept or new idea. Whereas, in accommodation, it is necessary to alter an already existing concept in order to Author: Samarpita Choudhury.

"Look", my son says, "a daddy truck, a mommy truck and a baby truck." Is this assimilation or accommodation? Explain why. Use photos of babies sucking on various styles of bottles as an example of assimilation with pretty easy adaptation to different shaped nipples and bottles.