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bsa adult religion award - Boy Scout Square Knot Awards

Adult Religious Award. The awards are not BSA awards and are presented by religious organizations for long tenure of service to Scouting, the religion, and the community. With one exception all of these awards require a nomination. Self-nomination is not allowed. Only one Adult Religious Award square knot is worn regardless. Most of the major religious bodies in the United States have programs to recognize adult volunteers who demonstrate faith, observe their creeds or principles, and give service. The religious emblems are not Scouting awards; however, they may be worn on the upper left pocket of the adult leader uniform.

Silver knot on purple background, for wear above left uniform pocket, purple border for youth and adults who earned a religious emblem while a youth member; devices available to denote the program for which the awards was earned (see below); purple knot on silver background, for adults, worn above left uniform pocket; adults may wear both knots if they have satisfied the criteria. This Adult Religious Award Knot is worn by adult members of the BSA who have been presented with an award from a religious organization for long tenure of service to Scouting, the religion.

43 rows · The Cub Scout religious award is called "Love and Help". The Boy Scout religious Owner: Boy Scouts of America. ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS. Eagle Award - Scouting's highest rank is earned by Boy Scouts who fulfill requirements stated in current literature. Adults wear the knot award No. , youth wear the badge No. Those who receive the Distinguished Eagle Award may wear that device attached to .

General Information. Adult recognitions are given to adults for outstanding service to youth through both their church and one of the national youth-serving agencies (Boy Scouts of America, Camp Fire USA, Girl Scouts of the U.S.A., American Heritage Girls). Adult awards are not earned like youth awards: An outside party must nominate an adult. Adult Religious Service: This square knot is worn by Scouters who have received a religious service emblem or award for their faith. This award is NOT a BSA award; it is an award presented by a church body for education, service and devotion to faith.

A Boy Scout earns the Eagle Scout award by completing requirements from the Scout handbook. The Eagle Scout award is the highest youth rank in scouting. The award patch is worn as a Boy Scout - adults wear the square knot symbol. International Scouter - Recognizes Scouters for their contributions to world Scouting. RELIGIOUS AWARDS: Youth Religious Emblem - Worn by youth and adult members who received a religious emblem as a youth member. Adult Religious Award - Worn by adults who received religious awards as an adult. SUPPORT OF SCOUTING.