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The square knots are to be worn centered directly above the left shirt pocket. The criteria is similar to the Silver Buffalo except that a recipient must be a registered adult member of the Boy Scouts of America. Awards are bestowed on the basis of the number of registered volunteers in a region. Serve as an adult leader for a group of. Scouts and Scouters that earned the awards before they were discontinued may still wear the awards and/or knots on their uniforms. Den Leader's Training Award - One year of tenure and be reproduced and used locally by Scouting volunteers for training purposes consistent with the programs of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), the World.

Guide to all BSA leadership and training award square knots. This page helps you identify the knot, determine how it is awarded, and gives you links where you download an application or nomination form. Most adult awards and recognitions have certificates, pins or medals, and a patch usually with a square knot embroidered on it in different colors. Adult leaders wear these square knot patches on their uniform over the left pocket. The order that they are worn is up to the individual. To learn more see the Guide to Awards and Insignia.

These awards are worn on the Scouting uniform in place of the plaque or large pendant that they represent. Generally, the knot awards are worn by adult leaders. But there are a few that may be worn by youth members. Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts may wear the Universal Religious Emblem and the lifesaving and Meritorious Award knots. If you've been honored with one of the 34 BSA square knots currently available, waste no time in sewing that badge of honor to your uniform. A guide to square knots, and how to wear them.

May 06,  · Scouter awards can be used to honor registered Adult Scouter awards are 'knots' which are representative of pin-on medals, around-the-neck awards, or award certificates, and are designed for the convenience of the wearer. The knots are worn centered on the left side of the uniform, above the left pocket and in rows of three with the bottom edge of the knot emblem(s) touching the. Adult Religious knot; Alumni Award; Arrowhead Honor; Commissioner Award of Excellence in Unit Service; Community Organization Award; Cub Scout Den Leader Award; Distinguished Commissioner Service Award; District Award of Merit; Doctorate of Commissioner Science Award; George Meany Award; International Scouter's Award; James E West Fellowship.

Know Your Boy Scouts Square Knots. By Bryan Wendell From the January-February issue of Scouting magazine Advancement & Awards, Awards and Square Knots, Leaders, Merit Badges, Scouts BSA, Scouts BSA Leadership, Uniforms & Insignia. Jan 16,  · The difference was the tiny Cub Scout program device on the medal’s ribbon and square knot emblem. The Den Leader and Den Leader Coach Training Award square knots both had blue backgrounds because most (female) Cub Scouters wore blue tunics or yellow blouses and the patch emblem “matched” or “contrasted” with the Settummanque.