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May 11,  · A nephrologist is a physician who studies and deals with nephrology. Nephrology is the adult and pediatric study of the kidneys and its diseases. The nephrologist /5(9). Asia's Leading Kidney and Transplant Center. Luis V. Limchiu, Jr., M.D. Department Chairman of Adult Nephrology: Medical School.

Nephrology training can be accomplished through one of two routes. The first pathway is through an internal medicine pathway leading to an Internal Medicine/Nephrology specialty, and sometimes known as "adult nephrology". The second pathway is through Pediatrics leading to a speciality in Pediatric gakulkarni.infoicant diseases: Hypertension, Kidney cancer. Adult Services / Nephrology; Nephrology Location of Care. OU Physicians Building About Nephrology. If you have a challenging kidney condition, you deal not only with your disease but also with the complications that often accompany it. Our nephrologists provide comprehensive treatments and the newest innovations in care.

Top 10 Best Nephrology Hospitals in US. Here is the list of Top 10 Best Nephrology Hospitals in US. All these are well known and Famous adult Nephrology hospital for kidney transplantation and management of other problems. You can choose any one of the hospital from given list for Best kidney disease treatment in USA – America. Kidney Care (Nephrology) University of Minnesota Health providers offer a wealth of expertise to patients affected by kidney disease. We provide expert care -- including kidney transplants -- for people with kidney diseases and the medical issues created by these diseases. Our Kidney Clinic is internationally renowned for primary kidney disease.

Best Hospitals for Nephrology. Learn which hospitals were ranked best by US News & World Report for treating nephrology. Scores factor in patient safety, nurse staffing, and more.