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adult civil course defense education family manual personal student survival -

A manual providing general orientation on the subject of United States civil defense is presented. It can serve as a home reference and as a tool for an adult education class. The nine chapters are: U.S. Civil Defense, Modern Weapons and Radioactive Fallout, Public Fallout Shelters, Fallout Shelter Occupancy, Fallout Protection at Home, Community Shelter Planning, Preparing for Emergency. T HIS manual is for your use in the Civil Defense Adult Educa-tion course. It can serve also as a basic home reference for. personal preparedness. The Civil Defense Adult Education Program is managed for. the Department of Defense, Office of Civil Defense, by the. U.S. Office of Education, Department of Health, Education, and. Welfare.

Civil Defense Adult Education Course Student Manual SUPERSEDES SM "PERSONAL PREPAREDNESS such as movement to public or family shelters. The survival measures must be predetermined in case of this warning and incorporated into the local Civil Defense survival plan. Whatever an individual is to do should be done at once. This brief manual cannot cover all aspects of the complex matter of United States civil defense. It does, however, provide a general orientation on the subject-enough to give a general understanding of why we have the program, who is responsible for doing what, how civil defense is organized as part of government, and some of the problems involved.

SM (Revised) Personal and Family Survival (May ); pages, 76 illus. Price {Item No} [Civil Defense Adult Education Course Student Manual] SM A Personal and Family (November ); pages, 41 illus. Price {Item No} [Civil . Personal and Family Survival. Civil Defense Adult Education Course, Student Manual. SM A, November Washington, DC: GPO, Revised Edition. , wraps, illus., figures, appendix, address label on rear cover, covers somewhat soiled. Topics covered include U.S. civil defense, modern weapons and radioactive fallout, public fallout shelters, fallout shelter occupancy, fallout.