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Jan 16,  · Adult merchant accounts for businesses in adult entertainment, such as adult websites, stores, restaurants, and other adult-themed venues, are essential for operations. Bankcard Brokers provides secure and accurate payment processing solutions. Call us for more information: Author: Michael Hackmer. Domestic adult merchant account: 10 days to 2 weeks; Adult virtual check solution: business days; Adult merchant account fees? The fees Instabill charges are contingent on several factors, such as the merchant’s processing history, type of industry (high or low risk) and/or projected sales volume. Each merchant account is different, but typical fees include: Merchant Account Fee; Transaction Fee.

Most domestic (US) banks and financial services deny the adult industry from obtaining merchant accounts because of legal age restrictions and controversial content. With that being said, it makes it difficult for business owners in the adult entertainment industry to accept credit cards, and the only way for them to accept credit cards is now by reaching out to offshore banks that will get them approved. Jan 18,  · Within the credit card processing industry, however, adult merchant accounts are generally classified as “high risk” merchant accounts, and many merchant account providers will therefore refuse to offer credit card processing for adult entertainment websites. The .

With Zombaio's IPSP solution you can apply for your own high risk merchant account. You use Zombaio's platform for e-ticket issuing, access management, backend etc, but you use your own direct merchant account, and the acquirer pays you directly to your bank account daily, weekly or monthly. Aug 22,  · A high risk adult merchant account provider who meets the 3 R’s, like Bankcard Brokers, can make accepting credit cards for your Adult eCommerce, membership, or retail business painless and affordable. Bankcard Brokers offers the most dependable adult merchant services solutions.