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10 Best Thermometers for Adults If so, you might need to pull out the thermometer. As one of the four main vital signs, your body temperature can measure the severity of illness and the efficacy of any treatment you might be taking. So there really is no wondering why thermometers are an essential for any household. Sep 15,  · Digital thermometers. Armpit temperatures are usually the least accurate. Rectal temperatures provide the best readings for infants, especially those 3 months or younger, as well as children up to age 3. For older children and adults, oral readings are usually accurate — as long as the mouth is closed while the thermometer is in place.

Amazon's Choice for most accurate thermometer for adults. iProven Medical Digital Ear Thermometer with Temporal Forehead Function - Clinically Approved Upgraded Infrared Lens Technology DMT for Better Accuracy - New Medical Algorithm (White Grey) out of 5 stars 6, The Best Thermometer for Kids and Adults Updated February 14, Our pick for documenting regular readings, the Kinsa Smart Stick, has been discontinued, so we’ve removed it from this gakulkarni.info: Caroline Weinberg, Shannon Palus.

Video of the Day. Most adults will use them orally, although rectal is most accurate. Digital thermometers use electronic heat sensors to measure temperature and, in less than a minute, provide the most accurate readings compared to other types of thermometers. An oral temperature reading is generally 1 degree Fahrenheit lower than a rectal reading. Unlike the ear thermometers you probably remember growing up, this thermometer doesn’t require disposable plastic covers that can interfere with fever reading, instead, the BPA and Latex-free reader can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth or cotton swab and just a dab of 75 percent alcohol.

A standard digital stick thermometer works just like an old-fashioned glass thermometer, but is safer and more accurate. It can be used orally, rectally or under the armpit. Pros: Digital stick thermometers are suitable for taking the temperature of anyone – newborns to adults. The Mayo Clinic says this type of thermometer is appropriate for use on infants from age 3 months and up, although emerging research suggests temporal thermometers might give accurate .

A fever is considered to be a rectal, ear or temporal artery temperature of ºF (38ºC) or higher. If you are using an oral or oral pacifier thermometer, many doctors would say that a fever is also over ºF (38ºC), but some may consider a fever in a young patient, to be an oral temperature of .